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Friday, 31 January 2020

All Change

The past few month seem to be a period of change.
My trip to Africa was the biggest divergence from my usual routine;
  • A completely different country. One that I had no knowledge or experience of.
  • A different motorhome; a hire one.
  • Roads that required nerves of steel to traverse.
  • No companion; I had to leave my dog Pearl behind; she might have ended up as a "meal".
  • A hectic travelling itinerary; the opposite of my usual "slow" and tranquil meanderings.
This precipitated other changes
  • A new phone; I still terminate calls instead of answering them.
  • A new camera; it is also a new model (substituted Sony for Canon)  and type (substituted a Bridge camera for DSLR).  It is like a mini computer with so many buttons and levers etc.  I am still trying to get my head around the functioning of it.   The book of instructions I bought is big and sooo thick.
  • As Apple are shortly to retire iTunes I need to find an alternative.  Rather than a TV in my motorhome I listen to podcasts on my iPod. I need to be able to download these as frequently on campsites internet is non-existent or poor making streaming difficult. 
  • My aim this year is to increase the number of blog followers. I thought this could be achieved by moving it to my website. Tried it but could not cope with this change.  So back to the start 

Plenty to do before my motorhome comes back from the garage where it is having its bottom galvanized against rust . Shortly after the camping season will be in full swing Hopefully I will have to start in earnest researching for my second book. I am waiting for a contract.

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