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Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Winter Solstice

It may almost be Christmas but for me the most important day is The Winter Solstice.
This is the shortest day.

Many people celebrate this special occasion by visiting Stonehenge for the sunrise.
I have often thought of doing this but unfortunately dogs are not allowed.

So my usual way of celebrating this occasion is a special dog walk.
Pearl is only too happy to celebrate with me.

Now I can look forward the afternoon dog walk taking place in daylight.-Hooray

Soon going out in my motorhome will be more practicable.. 
The days will be long enough for me to be do long walks at my usual leisurely pace;

  •  exploring my surroundings
  • appreciating the countryside 
  • talking to any and all passers by.
At this time of year there is not enough daylight for me to do this.

The sun does not rise until 8.04am and sets just under eight hours later at 3.45pm.  
In this country there is a long sunrise and sunset which means more hours of daylight.

This was especially noticeable on my recent trip to Africa.  
Once the sun went below the horizon it quickly became dark. 
So there is less difference between the number of hours of sunlight between winter and summer.

Sunrise was seemingly early (about 5am) and sunset was early evening (about 6pm).  Not especially late.  As a consequence of this and because of the hot weather the rhythm of the day is different.

The day starts early because this is a cool time.
so there is much activity.
Afternoons are hot and everything slows.
During the cool of the evening and night activity increases.

This applies to animals as well as people. 

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