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Sunday, 1 December 2019

Read of the Month (Dec 2019) Christmas Round Up

So you are looking for a gift and have no idea what to buy.

Generally the books proffered at this time of year are "fluffy";
light and inconsequential.

I decided to offer an alternative list of lesser known books and authors that will be provocative and intriguing.  Definitely thought provoking.
(Note. I have a direct connection with only 3 of these books.  The rest I suggest because they were good reads). For convenience I have loosely grouped them.

Political  Theme 
As an election is imminent here are some books which made me realize how lucky I am to be able to vote and how important it is to exercise that right:

23 things  They Don't Tell You About Capitalism
Ha-Joon Chang .
Clearly explains intricacies of Capitalism

The Veiled Kingdom
Carmen Bin Laden
The account of life of women in Saudi Arabia

The State of Africa
Martin Meredith
Account of political journey of African countries after independence

Dog Theme 
Thinking of getting a dog for Christmas; Be prepared with some reading

The Genius of Dogs
Brian Hare
A  scientific study of dogs.  Very Interesting to all "doggie" people both experienced dog owners and those thinking of getting a dog

My Friend Ruby
Anna Chelmicka  
An account of how a dog can change a life

Holiday Theme
Thinking of holidays.  Some books to ponder upon over the festive season

Cream Teas, Traffic Jams and Sunburn
Brian Viner
Brits on holiday. Enjoyable and amusing read but informative.  Do you recognze yourself in any of the examples? I certainly did.

Wonderful Walks from Dog-friendly campsites throughout the UK
Anna Chelmicka
Dog Friendly campsites to visit and directions for walks from them.

Lonely Planet 
Botswana & Namibia
Places to see in these 2 African countries.

World War 11 Theme
A few of the many books about the second world war.

Secret Life of Bletchley Park
Sinclair McKay
Fascinating account of a place that remained unknown for decades despite over 8000 people working there at one time.

Operation Mincemeat 
Ben Macintyre
The amazing account of how Hitler was mis-informed by the allies. 

Quiet Heroes 
Rita Cosby
Story of 2 ordinary men in extraordinary times.

Wojtek the Bear

Ailereen Orr
The story of the bear that accompanied a Polish unit during WW2.
Uplifting but unfortunately it does not end happily.

Discerning Theme
Books that will probably make you appraise and re-evaluate

Thinking Fast and Slow
Daniel Kahnemann
An analysis of thinking; why do some people cope better than others

The Silk Roads 
Peter Frankopan 
History of Globalization from BC to modern day.

Authentic Happiness
Martin Seligman 
A study of depression; its causes and treatments.

A Little Light Read
Quick reads to pass the time.

Ladies No. 1 Dectecitive Agency
Alexander McCall Smith
A series of  detective stories set in Botswana

A Gift that keeps on Giving
An antidote to all the seemingly depressing news

Positive News
A quarterly journal that reports on ordinary people doing extraordinarily wonderful things

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