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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Africa (Part 4) Scenery

"In for a penny in for a pound" as the saying goes.

Long distance to travel 
If I was going all the way to South Africa I might as well visit neighbouring countries if there was the opportunity.
There was. So I did.

Hence my journey through Botswana,. Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls only) and Namibia.

One of the first thing I noticed was how very large these countries were.

As a consequence of this the distances that needed to be covered were enormous; a lot of driving on all kinds of roads (see Africa (part 2) Roads).

A Sandy Road through a village

Due to the lack of rainfall and the hot sunny weather a monochrome brown cloaked everything including many towns and villages probably as a result of the incessant dust.

Stony Desert

It may have been exceptionally difficult to spot animals, even the big ones unless they were quite close but the scenery was stunning; even the scrubland dotted with the bare branches stabbing the sky, the sandy desert and stony vistas.

Here are a small selection of photos that I took, Which is your favourite?  Do let me know.
Sandy Desert

Much of Namibia is desert;
sandy and stony

Even the vegetation lacks colour

Some Green Places

And wide plains
Top of rocky mountains

A mountain range

A dry river canyon


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