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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

House Buiding

Just a few days ago I received this update from CPRE (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England).

It made for grim reading but is VERY important.   PLEASE PLEASE read on.

Do you enjoy the countryside?

Are you an outdoor enthusiast?

If so you need to be worried VERY worried.

If the present situation continues soon in certain parts of the UK there won't be countryside as we know it just parks.  These won't be like the National Parks such as Exmoor or New Forest but more like Hampstead Heath in London. 

Is this what we want?

The CPRE (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England)  not only strongly opposes building on the Green Belt but also offers alternative strategies.  See below

As an individual there is very little you or I can do but together anything is possible so come and join the CPRE and fight to protect the countryside which is amazing.

JOIN THE CPRE  https://www.cpre.org.uk/

Take part in "The Time is Now" Mass Lobby on Wednesday 26th June in London

The CPRE's statement about housebuilding.
  • More and more countryside is under threat (this I know from my research for my book).  The CPRE point out there is enough spce on suitable brownfield land to accommodate 1 million new homes
  • Not enough homes are being built (to me this seems odd)  but I concur with CPRE the vast majority of houses being build are not affordable the the government's own definition.
  • Fewer houses are being built than before 2008 crash (I can't verify this) the government has failed to solve the fallout of the crash
  • Loss of the countryside is accelerating whilst industry profits are skyrocketing  - companies are sitting on land hoping to increase profits.

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