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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Busy Busy Busy

This month has been so busy I have not only been unable to do a weekly comment, but I also failed to do the "Read of the Month" and "Photo of the Month".
Things are quieter over the next couple of weeks so I can catch up.

Because things have been so unsettled I felt I needed a shot of "Countryside Calm". and went away for a few days to one of my favourite campsites "Burrowhayes.

The splendour  of the landscape always works its magic
creating an oasis of tranquility.  Also at most campsites wifi and phone signals are variable.  As a consequence all technological interactions are less efficient and time consuming.  I only deal with urgent matters and pick up the slack when I get home

This is the slack.

Book Signing - Bath
Despite my best efforts this was not a success.  I did sell 1 book.  Not only had she come some distance,  she was most complimentary.

Then it was

  • off home.  Getting everything from Smiths to my car required several trips                                    
  • load up the van. Loading the van ALWAYS takes me longer than I anticipate                                        
  • drive to Newbury for the Southern Motorcaravan Show. Driving to the Newbury was the easiest part.  Registering  at the visitors gate and checking out my stand was simple.  Even though I was so late (after 8pm) I found a space behind the stand where I could park up my motohome for the duration of the show.  This made everything so much easier.                            
  • erect the gazebo.  This was a nightmare even though I had done it successfully at home just a few days before and had carefully sorted and tied the various poles.  Every time I tried to add part of a leg the whole roof section crashed down.  There was nobody about to ask for help as it was so late.  It was rapidly getting darker and darker. I really did not want to leave this task for the morning. In desperation I asked a nearby security guard if he knew anyone who could help. He offered his services. Within minutes the gazebo was up and all I had to do was peg it down. By this time it was almost dark. 
  • crash. I set the alarm as I needed to be up early to finalize set up for opening at 9.30 am.
  • up, eat, exercise dog, set up stand.  Fortunately it did not take long to set up the table and chairs and put out the posters, banner and books.  I was ready in plenty of time.

So began my first Motorhome Show experience as an exhibitor.

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