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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Time to Consolidate

I am now back from my last expedition to Scotland and North Yorkshire and the abortive time in Burnley. (I did manage to take some photographs at least).

It is time to pause, collate my notes and endeavour to complete some chapters of the book. This is more difficult than it sounds. This has been partly due to my having caught a cold.  Might be the summer but I still caught a cold. The worse thing about it was the cough. Anyway all is well now.  Back to producing something.

Each time I re-read what I have written an idea occurs to me which requires further editing. Hopefully these changes will make it a better read. Surprisingly the most difficult task is selecting just 4 photographs for each campsite.  
Pearl with her wooden friend!!!!

Another reason for taking a break was the change in the weather; more rain less sun. How fortunate I was in managing to visit so many campsites during the good weather in May and June. 

I also took a break because of Pearl. First she scraped the pads of her paws so had to wear boots. That made me laugh so much. Then she came into season. This is not a good time to be out going to places I do not know and meeting strange dogs so we stayed home. 

It is nearly finished so I am hoping to go away early next week. Not quite sure where. It depends on the weather and the availability of pitches. 

By this time the harvest should be in and all the hay and straw wrapped up as the machine is doing in the photograph. With all the rain this may not be the case.

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