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Tuesday, 22 August 2017


After the excitement of the past couple of weeks I thought of completing my campsite research. However, the overcast weather indicated photos would be rather dull. It is difficult to take lots of interesting photos when it is cloudy. One or two as here is an enjoyable challenge. If the overcast weather is prolonged the impression created of the campsite is not very favourable. 

As it was necessary for me to return home at the end of the week I decided the couple of days I could squeeze in going away would not allow me to complete my research satisfactorily. 

Going away this coming weekend is also problematical as it is the bank holiday weekend. I assume most of the places I need to visit will be busy so probably won't have space for me.

I have made good use of my time. I have completed a second chapter; the one of campsites in Scotland and am well on my way to completing a third. My problem now is to choose the photographs to accompany the chapters.

I thought this would be easy as I only have to select 4 photos for each campsite. Not so. Because I take so many photographs it is proving very difficult to select just 4, especially if they all come out half decently as this one.

It was whilst trying to select the photos for the chapter about Scotland that I realized I had accidentally deleted all the photos I took during the last couple of days. Of course it is much to far away to go back to take more relevant photos. 

With September fast approaching I am making plans to complete my research. I do hope we get a bit more sun to make taking photos easier.

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