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Friday, 3 February 2017

Changing Weather

So the first month of the New Year has passed. Pearl is no longer in season, which is good news, but the weather has changed with it raining most days.  This would not be too bad as I can time my walks with Pearl to coincide with the dry weather between the showers.  However there is absolutely NOTHING I can do about Pearl getting wet and dirty.  Even if it is not actually raining her stomach gets filthy from the soggy ground.  Long walks are off the agenda.
Before we can go into the house I have to wash her down and rub her dry. I then try to get her to shake. She usually does. Then it takes a while for her to dry off.

Fortunately it is still possible for Pearl and I to play with her Frisbee. She loves this and does not get too dirty.

Now that the nights are getting shorter it seems feasible to start going out in the motorhome.  I have to say I am not very enthusiastic about getting the van ready to go out.

I hope the weather improves for next week.  We shall see.  I will not make the final decision until later on when the weather forecast will be more accurate.

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