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Saturday, 17 November 2012

To Have or Not to Have

Having electric hook up is essential for me. I do not need it for a TV because when I am out and about in my motorhome watching television is not on the agenda. I prefer to read and listen to the radio or listening books. I did eventually get a TV for my daughter as she was studying film and media. I have found that setting up an aerial is not always successful and is very time consuming, however I have to admit that the TV is very useful for DVD’s.

Huge technological advances in recent years have only increased the need for electric hook up. All of the items, such as laptops, cameras, phones etc. that are deemed indispensable, require charging. Generally this can only be done via electric hook up. And of course now the ipod has replaced the radio and CD player. The podcasts that can be downloaded are especially useful but, a computer with internet as well as a means of charging the ipod, necessitates access to electricity.  So, nowadays, electric hook has become an essential requirement.

This can create a problem if wild camping or the campsite is in an especially rural area. So what to do?
Finally I decided to get a solar panel.

 It took me so long to take the plunge partly due to the cost but also because I found it VERY difficult to find out what system would suit MY requirements. Now don’t get me wrong there is a lot of information about solar panels but I did not understand the interaction between watts and volts. No matter how much I read about the subject I just did not feel able to make a viable decision. So I put it off.

Fortunately Mike Smart of “mobile leisure vehicle services who services my motorhome is very knowledgeable.  I asked his advice. Now I have a solar panel and inverter. It works brilliantly. Wherever I am I can take photos, view them on my laptop and listen to my ipod.

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