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Friday, 23 November 2012

In Good Company

What a surprise! The Queen herself was looking at motorhomes in Bristol this week.(For pictures of this event go to http://www.thisisbristol.co.uk/pictures/Queen-visits-Bailey-Caravans-factory-Ashton-Vale/pictures-17393336-detail/pictures.html ) So the motorhoming faternity are now in the very best company.

I wonder if she was tempted to buy one!!!
Probably not enough room for all her dogs!!!

Mind you with the weather we have been having just recently trips away in a motorhome are rather wet affairs.  Yet again I was planning on a few days away during the latter part of this week. I was all set until Wednesday. I had to leave the village to collect some provisions.
BIG problem
This was impossible.
ALL the roads out of the village were flooded.
I was reluctant to propel my way through the water.
Firstly I might flood the engine. Secondly I might get through ok but I might not be able to get back. Given the choice I would rather get stuck at home.

On reflection I would not like to drive my wonderful motorhome through deep water. What would happen if it seeped into the van? Not a happening that I wish to contemplate.

So my Wednesday proceedings had to be completed on Thursday which scuppered plans to go away. Listening to the news that evening I was convinced I had made the right decision. There were floods everywhere and heavy rain was predicted over the next couple of days.
My imagination went into over-drive. Going away could just be a VERY wet occurrence. But I could so easily get bogged down in the soft wet ground and in the worst case scenario my precious van could get swept away with the floods.

So with “discretion being the better part of valour” I decided to stay home. One day soon I will get away.

Another surprise this week was a hire reservation for my van next June. (I have my van registered for hire with a company.) .Last year I did not have a single booking. I had rather assumed that my van was no longer favour of the month. Seems not. At least now I will have some money to pay for the minor repairs that need doing.
I wrote an article about hiring out your precious motorhome. It was published in MMM summer 2012 edition. I will put it on my website www.motohomemeanderings.co.uk.

Dog Tired
As I did not go away I have spent the time sorting out my photographs. (As ever this takes longer that expected.) I came across this photograph which I thought was entertaining. Hope you like it.

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