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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Well I finally did it, got the van ready for our trip to Poland.
An email from Rita has prompted me to change our route.
Also thinking about our first day's travel to Dover and the ferry to France I thought it best to stop off at a campsite for a couple of days to "regroup" so to speak and slip into the "motorhome meandering" mode.
Here we are at a campsite in Antwerp Belgium. The weather is gorgeous (but I hear that the weather has improved in good old Blighty). After an early night, I got up early took the dogs for a lovely long walk beside the canal and into some woods. On our way back got lost in a housing estate. I have to say that generally the houses were of a superior type. Many of them were of the "Grand Design" type.
I intended to spend the day working on my website but have only managed to plan the route to Warsaw and look for campsites in Berlin. Time has just sped by. Now the dogs want to stretch their legs again.

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