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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The dogs are happy with this campsite near Antwerp in Belgium..
 It has everything they need, walks by the canal, walks in woods and opportunities to swim. Sometimes their eagerness for a dip clouds their judgement. 
On the way back from the supermarket in Sint Job in't Goor they eavesdropped on my conversation with my daughter about swimming. A casual OK remark resulted in them racing off to the waters edge and launching themselves into the canal. Unfortunately at a point where there was no where for them to climb out.
Nearby there was an empty concrete mooring station. Here I could get right up to the canal edge.  The dogs however had nothing to dig their claws into to aid their scramble out.  I managed to grab Amber's collar and lift her head out of the water. The look on her face clearly showed her unease at not being able to use her front paws as balast. Anyway with her pulling herself up despite the lack of grip and me grabbing her shoulders and pulling I managed to haul her out. Ruby on the other hand being older was not so flexible and did not even want to attempt climing out. She kept swimming about and was intent on swimming down stream. Helen managed to grab her collar to prevent her swimming away. Together we lifted her up sufficiently to allow her to get some purchase and eventually hauled her out I truly do not know how we manged to get them out.
By this time I was thoroughly soaked. Fortunately both dogs were safely out and the hot sun soon dried my clothes.

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