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Thursday, 4 February 2021

Read of the Month (Feb 2021)

Over the years I have travelled all over Europe in my motorhome.

Initially I required many maps
and frequent stops
to ensure
I was going in the right direction. 

Nowadays I still use maps (often on the laptop)
but when actually on the road a SatNav is essential

Finding the way has always been a challenge
from earliest times.

To help lines were drawn on maps and sketches.
These we now call 

Using Latitude was easy because;-

  • They were all parallel
  • Star patterns were unique to each line. 
This is how Columbus first sailed the Atlantic

Longitude was totally different.
For centuries being unable to calculate longitude
hampered travel especially by ship.

The Read of the Month for February is
the resolution of this problem
which is the beginning of the
invention of the SatNav



Dava Sobel

This is a fascinating account
In the process explaining
why 0 degrees goes through Greenwich.

I was also reminded of the "Watch" episode of 
Only Fools and Horses.
The watch they had in the garage was sold for £millions

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