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Saturday, 23 January 2021

Dogs and Lockdown

This has been a difficult year for everyone,
especially during the lockdowns.

Those of us with dogs have been fortunate.

Our pet dogs have been a comfort during this time.

We also realize our dogs are encountering problems.
They have picked up on our worries and anxieties.
How they show this varies.

Those who acquired puppies in the past year
have had problems socializing and training them. 

Classes have been forced to close.

Though my wonderful dog Pearl is a mature dog
having just turned 6 years
she too is not the same.

She has become reticent meeting other dogs.
If they don't have very good doggy manners
(rush up, uninvited)
she becomes snappy.
Sometimes for no apparent reason she barks. 

Pearl(behind) and Lucy

Unfortunately right now there is little I can do.
We continue to walk with "family";
Her aunt Lucy 
and her son Toby

(I collect them and walk 2 dogs sometimes 3)

When we can finally meet up with people
(even if we have still can't hug)
I intend to find dogs of all ages to walk with.

To that end I have joined

South Glos Dog Walks & Events FB group.

Hopefully the groups will be smaller than
the Labrador Group I met up with
a couple of years ago at Ashton Court.
Pearl sitting in the middle (quite happy)

It was great fun
there were too many.
Pearl was continually looking for me
instead of enjoying doggy company.

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