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Friday, 27 November 2020

A Disgusting Practice

Having a dog can be life enhancing.

It is for me. 

All of my dogs


Amber and Pearl
cuddling up in the Motorhome
have added a new dimension
to my life in so many ways.

There is a downside.
If you have a dog you have to clear up after them (an euphemism)

Pick Up Their Poo

Not a pleasant job.

The usual practice is to pick it up in a special bag,
tie the top;
take it with you to put in a bin.

Unfortunately this does not always happen.
Sometimes it is just not picked up.

But worse is when a full "poo" bag is left lying about.

Even worse when it is hung from the branch of a tree

This is an action of environmental vandalism. 

Who is going to collect the bags
and dispose of them in the proper manner .

It takes many many years for the plastic to decompose.
The contents only take a few weeks.      

This has become quite a problem in some places.
It has required a re-think.
The National Trust now recommends 

"Stick and Flick"

Find a stick and flick the poo into the bottom of a hedge;
then throw the stick away.
In a short time the mess will rot away.

Take the bag with you

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