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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Read of the Month (August 2020)

 Apologies for the delay in blog post.
Sorting a replacement laptop took longer than expected.

These are strange times in which we are now living.
Much as one would like to remain in a secure known bubble and avoid disagreements and confrontation this is not always possible. 
Recently events have prodded and poked at the bubble (at least mine).
I feel compelled to comment.
My suggested read of the month is very likely going to be contentious.

It is only by learning about the complexities of events that there is a greater understanding and acceptance things must change rather than a wholesale airbrushing.
Hopefully lessons can be learnt and so the same mistakes avoided.

It is for these reasons August's Read of the Month is 

Jeremy Paxman

It examines the rise of the British Empire; how and why
mainly greed and power and influence.
It also looks at its gradual demise and legacy.

It is an easy read and all the complexities are systematically scrutinized.
Are there parallels today?


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