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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

A Lockdown Walk

To keep "book" fit and to aid mental health I have been walking my dog Pearl.
In order to avoid as many people as possible I have been exploring new routes.
This is one of my favourites.

The Start
  • Crossing the main drag
  • Onto the unofficial grass path
  • Heading to the trees
  • New houses on left were contested

The Back Lane

(Yes that is its name)

A lovely path beside a field.

The Line Of Trees
The Cotswold Escapement 

Leading off the Back Lane
a tree lined path 
out to 
a local Landmark

Passing Horses

Along the edge of the fields  

And flowers in the hedgerow

Onto the road

now quiet 
because of lockdown

Through the Churchyard
       Over the stile

The Valley

stretching off into the distance.
It is not as far as it looks

The Church

behind us

The Bridle Path

the final stretch home

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