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Sunday, 9 February 2020


My recent trip to Africa has had a profound effect in very many ways.
No rubbish here

I suppose because of all the recent media hype about plastic and waste, as I travelled through the different African countries I was more aware of the mounds of litter despoiling places.  Of course on windy days the rubbish was dispersed in all directions.

As expected the National Parks were litter free but as I drove out of the north gate and onto our next campsite the contrast was staggering.

On the left set back some distance off the road was a village; I assume this is where some of the National Park workers lived.   From the Park gates there was a deluge of rubbish stretching along the verge for many miles.  It looked like this was the rubbish tip of the village.

This scenario was replicated in numerous places. In one town I followed a rubbish cart.  They seemed to be very particular about what they picked up often leaving piles of rubbish on the streets.   I noticed them because of the blatant infringements of health a safety regulations.  The men clung onto the back of the moving vehicle.

Witnessing this I was rather smug; we don't have anything like this in England I thought.

Well how wrong I was; I suppose it is what you get use to.

I was driving along the motorways from Sheffield to the South West.  The amount of litter along motorway verges was shameful. A huge blot on the landscape. 

No wonder one of the campaigns of the CPRE is to highlight the issue of litter in the countryside. https://www.cpre.org.uk/what-we-care-about/better-places-to-live/cleaner-countryside/

Local Recreation Field
As the village litter picker over the years I have noticed a change in the rubbish which is left lying about.
In places where people gather, like parks there is less.
there is more, especially cans and plastic bottles, on the sides of paths and roads.
It seems that when in transit it is ok to casually discard unwanted items.

The only feasible action is to join a litter picking group such as the CPRE.
Make a difference.

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