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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Africa (Part 3) Animals

Quite justifiably Africa is renown for its wildlife.
This is the quintessential view of Africa;
wide open spaces populated with a diversity of wildlife.
( The view was awesome. The photo does not do it justice as the profusion of wildlife is not evident unless it is greatly enlarged)

Throughout my trip through all four countries of Southern Africa, everywhere I encountered wildlife, unique to the continent from

 elephants to lizards

I did not take as many photos as I wanted for 2 reasons:

  • the zoom lens I bought especially for the trip proved to be faulty.  This so disheartened me I found it difficult to sustain any enthusiasm for taking photos.
  • driving; scanning for wildlife; taking photos all proved a bit too much.  I had to be careful because I found myself doing none of these very efficiently.  Definitely not ideal with regard to driving, especially considering the state of the roads. (see previous blog post)
So rather than take lots of photos I decided to just enjoy the experience of quietly watching all the different animals.  
I was fortunate to see so much.

Looking through my photos I am surprised at how many I did take.
Herds of Water Buffalo are huge

Some of them are not bad.

 What do you think?

Cheetahs resting in heat

Cheetah yawning 
Deer sheltering from the sun under a tree

Elephants enjoying themselves at a waterhole

Giraffe stretching for tasty leaves at top of the tree

The usual habitat of hippopotamus 

Hyenas are generally nocturnal. 

Lions are difficult to spot because they blend in so well 

A lion and lioness resting after their meal

A lion cub feeding at night from a recent kill.

An ostrich. (They are BIG birds)

A Zebra checking me out
At some waterholes there were huge herds of Zebras

Which one do you like best?
Every time I look at them I change my mind.

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