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Monday, 4 February 2019


Well here I am discussing the implications of Brexit despite my efforts to wait patiently and see how it pans out. 
All the hullabaloo reminds me of a similar commotion in 1999 about the Millennium Bug
when it was predicted it would crash all computers.
Do you remember that?

How come I was participating in a conversation about Brexit?

I had to take Pearl to the vet for her annual vaccinations.  This time it included one for rabies in order to keep her Pet Passport valid.

This was when "Brexit" was mentioned as the outcome affects the Pet Passports


  1. If a deal is agreed then the Pet Passports will continue to be recognized by the various European Countries.
  2. If there is "no deal" the passports can be consigned to the bin.  Then taking a dog abroad becomes far more complicated.  It involves a blood test to ascertain the level of anti-bodies and various forms to be filled in by owners and vets.  All of this will take time.

In addition it will cost a great deal more.

A few years ago the requirements for obtaining a pet passport changed.  It was no longer necessary for a blood test after the rabies vaccination.  As a consequence the number of blood tests fell dramatically and so the cost rose.

So all we can do now is wait and see what happens.

Fortunately at the moment I do not have any plans to take my motorhome to mainland Europe.

A postscript:- I was going to mention the snow we had over the weekend and illustrate it with some
photographs.  Here are the photographs anyway. I hope you enjoy them

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