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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Me and my Dogs

It may seem odd writing about dogs in a blog entitled Motorhome Musings but for me "motorhome and dog" is synonymous. 
I travel about in my motorhome with my dog; just me and my dog.

How did this come about: well it was a bit like the chicken and egg scenario.   Did we get a dog because we were thinking of getting a motorhome or did we get a motorhome because we could then travel with the dog.

Without doubt the recent acquisition of a dog was a significant factor as was the newly introduced Pet Passport Scheme.  This now allowed us to travel to mainland Europe if we wished.

The dogs I have had (as an adult) have been an important part of my life, especially Ruby; the first dog.  She was not only a comfort to me when I was ill but was also hugely instrumental in life after retirement.  It is because of her I now write and take photographs.  It was only when she went that I fully realized just how special she was. I thought it would be a good idea to write about her for several reasons;-

  • It would help me deal with loosing her.
  • It would keep memories of her alive.
  • It would prove whether or not I could be a writer of books as well as articles.

So it was I wrote my first book "My Friend Ruby".

Because Ruby was such an extraordinary dog I looked into the possibility of her having a litter.  I know it was very selfish as there are a lot of unwanted dogs about but somehow it felt important that her genes did not die out.  I did consult my vet.  I found his advice encouraging but then again I think that depends how you look at things.  

In the end Ruby had 2 litters.  I kept the darkest bitch from the second litter and called her Amber because that was the colour of her coat.  She too had two litters (I did not keep any of the puppies as I did not want 3 dogs).  Now I have Pearl who is Ruby's great grandaughter and Amber's granddaughter. 

Just last week she had her second litter. They are all gorgeous.

This is going to keep me busy for several weeks.

Hard work but fun.

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