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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Help Protect the Wonderful British Countryside

As a result of my research for the forthcoming book I realized just how wonderful and varied the countryside is as these photos show.

The countryside is a precious and finite resource so we must protect it.

This is very difficult to do as an individual.  But, by joining other like-minded people it is possible to have a greater influence.

The members of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England are passionate about our countryside. A great many of them are volunteers with a wealth of experience of engineering, local government, planning etc.  
However at times it is necessary to pay for some services. 


    You can support the CPRE by making a regular donation.  
    I make a monthly donation of only £3.00 (the price of cup of coffee).  Having a regular   donation even just a small one allows the CPRE to budget.

My target is to sign up 10 people.  
I hope they in turn will sign up at least 2 other people.

Go to 
and click "Become a Member " tab and follow instructions.

I would like to thank all those who have sign up.
I hope you all continue to enjoy the fabulous countryside.

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