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Friday, 26 May 2017

All Sorted

Well the camera repair shop were wonderful. They had mended the lens in 5 days; quick but not cheap.  So it was they phoned on Friday afternoon and informed me it was ready for collection. Unfortunately I was unable to get to the shop until Monday.

This did not really matter as just knowing my camera was now in working order meant I could plan my next research  expedition. Checking my diary and campsites I managed to book 5 nights at Graffham Camping and Caravanning Club site from the bank holiday Monday. I just hope the weather is as good as it has been the past couple of days.

At least the couple of weeks I have been home has allowed me catch up with people and events as well as work on my book.

I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting the campsites and each one has been an interesting experience.  I am looking forward to going to Graffham. I have in fact been there before. Many years ago when I first got the motorhome.

Already I have encountered one problem with the campsite. It is finding the necessary OS Explorer
Map. Firstly it appears that OS are redoing the Explorer Maps in that area so the old ones are no longer available. Then the new ones have the campsite right on the corner. In order to see the area and make some kind of decision about the possible walks means I will need at the very least 4 maps. I decided to have a custom made one with the campsite right in the middle. I did not want any extras so was unsure what to choose. In the end I kept it simple. The title was straightforward "Graffham Campsite - South Downs" and for the picture I chose the one that was instrumental in my  writing the articles for the magazine and then the book.

Surprisingly the price of the custom made OS Explorer Map was much cheaper than I expected £16.50. Definitely cheaper and easier than having 4 ordinary Explorer Maps. It looks fabulous.

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