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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Missing the Internet

At the campsite in Essex I went to, internet was available but there was a charge. Just as paying for dogs on campsites is  I feel an effrontery  so is paying for internet.  As a consequence I was unable to do my weekly post.  Then when I got home the situation was no better. The internet was down and to compound the issue it was external and even worse under the pavement. We had to wait for the request to be authorized then wait for it to actually be done. It was
over a week before it was eventually fixed. It was difficult to complete my writing as I needed the internet to verify facts and figures.
Apart from the problem with the internet my visit at the Essex campsite was wonderful. As I stated on the Facebook page it was the first time Pearl encounter The Sea. She soon got use to its movements and enjoyed swimming in it. The problem was when the sea went out. She could not understand why the sea was not
there. She was keen to go through the mud to find it. Definitely not. I did not want a black Labrador!
We both enjoyed walking along the beach. When the tide was out there was so much to see and of course in the town of West Mersea there were so many boats.

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