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Saturday, 4 March 2017

An Event

Although I make plans to go out in my motorhome I do not like to commit myself until the day I actually set off. As a result I only phone the campsite the day of departure to check they have a pitch for me.  Very occasionally I will phone the day before.

Even when I am going to mainland Europe I don't pre-book campsites. I book a ferry passage between 1 and 3 weeks before departure. This allows me to be flexible.  If I particularly like the campsite I can stay longer. If it is not so enticing I can move on. This is precisely what happened when I went to Luxembourg and Switzerland last summer. I booked the ferry only a couple of weeks before I set off.  The first proper campsite I stayed at in Luxembourg was excellent value and its location was fabulous. I ended up staying there several days. The walking was amazing. 
From Luxembourg I checked out the weather. I decided to head straight to the mountains in Switzerland as it was forecast to be sunny for a week and then rain and thunderstorms  Again I stayed longer than I originally planned exploring various mountain walks. I moved on only when the weather broke. Again I had a marvellous time.

But I digress. 
The Event?
I have booked a campsite 11 days before I intend to visit it.
I need to visit this campsite for my research.  The last time I planned to go I waited as usual before actually booking a pitch. When I eventually tried to reserve one I was astounded to find the campsite was full and in February. I am worried this may happen again so I thought it best to book to ensure that this time I can go. 
So off I go in a couple of weeks.  Hope the weather app is correct and there are at least a couple of fine days.  We shall see.

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