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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Where does the time go?

After the last post I was anticipating doing another one with days. I see from the date that more than 2 weeks have passed. What a lot has happened in that time:
  • The discovery I made just prior to leaving the campsite was that I had a leak from the sink. Water came out under the fridge.
  • The good news was that the van started after the 4 days away without any problem.
  • Because of the leak I decided to have a habitation check. Mike had a slot come up unexpectedly so has already done it. The pipe from the plug hole in the sink had come adrift - hence my leak. As I suspected the fridge was faulty. He fixed that.
  • I booked a photography course at Huntingdon so have been up there for a few days.
  • The weather is brightening. In fact we have had one or two really nice days though the wind keeps the temperature low.
Hope that it is not so long before my next blog.

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