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Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Despite all that has occured over the past few weeks FINALLY, FINALLY I managed to get away in the van.
I am horrified to have to admit that it is a VERY long time since I last went out in it; (the last time I used it was in late summer when we came back from Poland). The weather during the autumn and winter has been dreadful so wet. It seemed that on every occasion when I had a few free days it was just pouring with rain. Though I really enjoy going out in the van and exploring new places I find wet weather the most difficult; smelly dogs.
Another window of opportunity was fast approaching. Would the next few days at last be suitable for me to go away in the van.  Unfortunately this too was not without possible gremlins. 
First the weather was suppose to be extremely cold but dry possibly sunny.
Second it was immediately after the Easter Bank Holiday.  This was both good and bad. Good because it was after the holiday but bad because the schools had not yet started the new term so it was possible that places would still be busy.
Surprisingly Tuesday was a lovely sunny day. I began preparing the van. Because it was such a long time since I had used the van I thought that it would be sensible to take it down to my mechanic and get him to look it over and check that everything was working as it should.
This was where my problems began. The motorhome would not start. Probably not unexpected. It was turning over, just not firing. All I needed to do was to jump start it.
The upshot was that the mechanic would come to the house on his way to work. Start it for me (hopefully) and I would set off for my first trip of the season/year!!!!
I phone the campsite I was thinking of going to just to make sure that they had space for me.
All went well, He came. The van started no problem.  All looked good. So at last, at last I got away.

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