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Friday, 18 May 2012

The Rewards

The last time I was out in the van was about late January early February. We went to Devies. Though it was quite cold it was dry.
During the night the temperature dropped. As forecast it did go below freezing.  
This morning when I took the dogs out for their first run of the day (a quick short walk so that they can go to the toilet hence its moniker toilet walk) it was beautiful. The trees, bush and grass were cover in a delicate lacy frost, a white mist blanketed the ground and above it all the upper branches of the trees thrust up into a sky that gradually changed from white to a subtle pale blue and a bright half moon shining out in defiance.
It was warm and cosy in bed and I only got up because I could hear the dogs moving around and knew that they needed to go out. The beautiful sight that I encountered during the walk was compensation enough. A hot cup of tea on my return to the van started the day off well

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